As young people grow up the body frame undergoes a great number of changes. Osteopaths with their highly developed sense of touch can help the body framework adjust to the postural demands made upon it. This may simply be due to lack of compensation for a scoliosis or due to mechanical changes that occur in conditions such as osteochondritis. They may also suffer from Musculo-skeletal problems, aches and pains, growing pains and tension headaches.

If these minor problems are left un-diagnosed and untreated they may lead to problems later in life.By analysing, treating and managing problems associated with growth, osteopaths make a major contribution to ensuring that young people become and stay fit and healthy.Teenagers also become much more active and take part in many sporting and recreational activities which carry the risk of sprains and strains. Skilful diagnosis and treatment by the osteopath can prevent lesions developing and allow the body's framework to heal naturally and adjust to the stresses and strains put upon it. If you are unsure if your child will benefit from treatment please contact me.

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