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    Babies & Toddlers

    babyOsteopathy is a safe and natural approach to health care for all life stages. For example Osteopaths are increasingly being asked to treat babies and young children for complaints attributable to mechanical strains acquired before birth or during the birth process.

    The small tolerances of movement which exist in the infant skull permit a baby's head to adapt to the forces of labour, but when birth is complicated by being unduly slow or fast, or when other complications occur, such as the need for forceps delivery, the infant head may not fully recover from the distortion. This may result in subtle changes in function leading to problems such as feeding difficulties, colic, excessive crying, irritability, sickness and disturbed sleep patterns.

    The gentle, skillful application of osteopathic treatment by an osteopath experienced in treating babies can often bring about a significant improvement in these distressing cases and is increasingly being considered as the treatment of choice for some conditions caused by difficult or traumatic birth as it does not involve the use of drugs and is non-invasive.