Covid-19 Update

We are so pleased to announce we are back to seeing patients face to face again and are able to help people get out of pain and back to wellbeing. I am so glad to see you all again, life without you was lonely, I missed you and even though the way we have to run our clinics is very different to BC ( before corona) my priorities are still the same.
Keeping you safe and getting you well is still my goal in all I do.   To this end 
-  I am carefully following the advice from Public Health England
-  I will be wearing PPE according to this guidance
-  I will disinfect and air the clinic between patients (I am spacing appointments an hour apart to allow for this)
-  I am screening all patients for symptoms or exposure to the Covid-19 virus via our Covid-19 Consent form 
-  I am offering ‘Telehealth’ appointments for those who can’t or don’t want to visit in person
-  I am reducing time spent in the clinic by asking new patients to fill out our patient registration forms online, and return to me before your treatment
- I am conducting the initial gathering information about your presenting complaint over the phone with you still in your car.
All appointments are for the Stockwood Pain Clinic
106 Dutton Road, BS14 8BU Tel 01275 830 241
Any patient who has seen me in the last 3 years please book online.  Any new patient or a patient who hasn't seen me in 3 years or longer needs to have their medical history updated and needs to book their appointment over the phone. As it may be difficult to get me on the phone you could also opt to e-mail me and I get back to you when I get a moment

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