What is a Muscle Knot


What are Muscle Knots?
Muscle knows are one or three things: Scar Tissue, Muscle Adhesions or Myofascial Trigger Points. If knots have a gravel like feel it is most likely scar tissue. If it sounds like it snap, pops and cracks while being massaged it is likely to be adhesion. If there is a "lump" that feels sensitive it is most likely a trigger point.

So what can be done about them?

Scar Tissue

Unfortunately chronic scar tissue is likely to only be removed with surgical intervention.


Adhesion is what happens before scar tissue is formed, and are caused by many injuries. Manual therapy can help to break down adhesions before scarring occurs. 

Trigger Points

These again can be treated with manual therapy


Osteopaths can help treat muscle knots by using trigger point therapy, also known as myofascial trigger point therapy. We apply pressure to different areas of the tender muscles in order to relieve pain and other symptoms. This re-educates muscles into pain free habbits, the swelling and stiffness resulting from neuromuscular pain reduces, circulation, coordination and flexibility improve and a range of motion is restored.