How to prevent "Text-Neck"


What is Text-Neck

Well Text-Neck is exactly what the name suggests, it is caused by spending hours on your mobile phones, as most of us do now!


The average person spends 2-4 hours on their phones everyday. Most users tend to be hunched over their phones while texting, scrolling or checking their emails. This adds extra pressure to their spines. The human head weighs around 12 pounds, but when your neck is bent forward and down, it adds extra weight to your cervical spine of approximately 60 POUNDS! That is like carrying a child or 240 sticks of butter around your neck for 2-4 hours a day. 

This strain on our spine can lead to degeneration, muscle strain, pinched nerves, herniated disks and more. 

And these are just the examples of how it can effect the spine! This poor posture caused by "text-neck" causes issues in other areas of the body too. It can reduce lung capacity by 30 percent, it can cause headaches, neurological issues, depression and heart disease. 

I am not suggesting that you throw away your phone an never look at it again but we must look at how we hold our heads. 

Please look at the tips below to help you avoid future pain and discomfort.