Frequently Asked Questions on Covid - 19


Q:  Are there any food supplements I can take to prevent me from catching the virus?

A:  No food or food supplement will prevent you from catching it, however eating a good healthy diet will be good for you and a healthy body may be more resistant, but with this new virus we do not know that.


the only way to prevent catching it is:  

1) Stay away from other humans

2) keep your hands away from your face, particularly eyes, nose and mouth

3) Wash hands often and thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. ( remove jewellery i.e. watches and rings first may be a good idea not to wear them at this time)

4) when not at home use disinfecting hand wash gel above 60% Alcohol content.  I have one in the handbag, one in the car, one in the computer bag etc

5) treat every object that could possibly have been touched by another as a potentially contaminated surface. Hence the safest is to stay at home.


  Bleach will kill the virus, so keeping surfaces regularly cleaned helps to prevent, and especially a good wipe after a known acute sufferer has touched it.  


Q: Are there any medications or food supplements that will help kill the virus after an infection with corona virus?


A: So far we do not know of any medication that will kill the virus or food supplements that will kill it.


However, the human body uses particular nutrients and minerals especially to strengthen the immune system.


1) Zinc  is used in over 400 enzymatic processes of the body, and particularly important in the immune system as it is the body's natural antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal, and as the best source for us is lean beef, and very few of us eat enough of it, it is useful to take as a supplement


2) Vit D.  This "sunshine vitamin" is another we are very short of ( not enough sunshine in our beautiful green and pleasant land) needed for very many things, one of the big ones for coronavirus is that it's needed to build up and keep strong the mucus membranes in the nose that are there to catch and keep out what should not get in there. This may be where the connection of loss of smell in affected patients plays a role. Would be interesting to see if any research in the future finds a definite link.  This vitamin should only ever be taken as D3K2 in a strength of  2500IU


3) Vit C  This vitamin is mostly known for its ability to " mop up free radicals"  which get made while the body is fighting an infection.  So always something to take when we had a cold or flu. But it has the special benefit of protecting the lungs, and for that very reasons use it already now, in other words before I get ill as corona virus has such a devastating effect on lung tissue.


I take these 3 daily for myself, and hope that with having enough of it in my body, should I catch the virus my body will be in the best position to fight it.

I get mine from Metabolics and people can order online or phone  01380 812799

Pay with your plastic and it's in the post same day and gets here as soon as postal service can manage it. Usually, the next day but maybe a bit slower at present. And if you use the voucher code 115498  you get a 10% discount.


Of course, taking supplements is by no way an excuse not to eat a healthy diet, so now is as good a time as any to look after ourselves, and get into some "self care"



Q: Should I wear a mask?


A:  The wearing of masks or face covering will prevent any moisture leaving your mouth to get to another person and infect them, but there are many variables.  Commercially available masks are made by different companies to variable standards, so some are better than others. Also having something attached to your face may make you want to fiddle with it and make you touch your face more often, rather than less often.  At the moment the NHS is still struggling to obtain enough PPE, so maybe we should stick to "homemade" face covering.  Remember your mask protects me, and mine protects you.