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    2017 A special year

    To all our loyal customers a very hearty thank you for all your support that helped us to achieve our 20th anniversary this year. That is why we will have lots and lots of loyalty bonuses so every one gets a chance to grab one. I aim to anounce a new one every week this year so that every one may benefit and celebrate with us.
    These bonuses will be shown on the right------>

    Loyalty Bonus of the week

    For all patients under 11y that had a treatment in Jan 2017

    Have a follow up in February and receive a credit on your account for a 50 % discount for the next treatment.
    Valentines day: for all existing customers coming for a treatment in the week of 12/02/2017 till 17/02/2017 bring your valentine in the same week, and your valentines treatment will be free.
    For Mothering Sunday loyalty bonus visit my facebook page

    Welcome to Monika Wiesenthal's Osteopathic Practice
    Osteopath and Sports Injuries Therapist

    Osteopathy ImageLocated in Brislington, Bristol, the surgery is within quick and easy reach from both Bath and Bristol. Monika Wiesenthal’s Osteopathic Practice offers calm surroundings for treatment and rehabilitation.

    With many years of experience and dedication to Osteopathy Monika has developed a thorough, effective and varied approach to treatment looking at the whole of the body and its intricately linked systems. Monika’s training extends into the biochemistry of the body and how the human mind can affect the speed of recovery. With her treatments Monika has enjoyed helping adults; children and babies understand and overcome a wide range of health problems, as well as supporting their general well-being. Monika’s personal back injury was what lead her into the study of Osteopathy, since her discovery she has never looked back. Knowing what pain feels like she has an acute understanding of where her patients are and a realistic view of how much can be achieved as she walks together with them to a new and healthier life.

    Thorough high quality care is paramount to Monika, as is treating each patient as an individual. Please feel free to ring the practice if you wish to discuss any treatments, Monika will be very happy to talk to you.

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